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Welcome Pelican's Rest

As Porky Pig says: "Th-th-th-that's all folks!" 

The last Pelicans Rest guests have checked out and we’re checking out too. It’s been a great 10 year ride but we’d like to hit the road in the motorhome while we can. We’ve learned that we can’t travel and maintain a rental to our standards at the same time. Somehow, things break in the suite when we get 1 day away from the Island, and, the dang pool turns green overnight. We’ve had so many nice guests and appreciate your friendship and words of encouragement during times of trial. We’ve watched babies grow into 10 year olds.


Most of you know that the property is for sale (contact our fantastic Realtor, Carla Abee, if you or someone you know is interested). We’ll leave the Facebook and Web Page active in case the buyer wants to keep Pelicans Rest open. It’s been fun.


Thanks for the memories!


Pelicans Rest is located on Cedar Island, a "Down East" fishing village in North Carolina known as the Gateway to the Outer Banks.  It is a nature lover's paradise overlooking Cedar Island Bay, Core Sound, and Pamlico Sound.  The Atlantic Ocean and its beaches are visible on the Welcomehorizon and accessible by ferry. 


For an excellent description of our paradise, read the article by Thomas James Martin at this website.

Extract: "I decided to take the scenic route on this expedition and planned to catch the toll ferry to Ocracoke at Cedar Island in Carteret County (See map). I noted at the time that the route would take me through an area of which I knew little, a narrow cone of land jutting out into Pamlico Sound known as the "Down East" peninsula. Yet, visiting those piney woods and saltwater wetlands on the Peninsula and on nearby Cedar Island, I found a place where I crossed over into that twilit border between past and present, self and other, being and nonbeing.

The area is also famous for the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, a well-preserved tidewater ecosystem, encompassing thousands of acres of marshlands and pine hammocks, as well as hundreds of species of wildlife, especially birds. This land is a birding dream. Herons, egrets and ibis are abundant, though you will also see, willets, oystercatchers, black skimmers, plovers and sandpipers and many other species."  Thomas James Martin


At Pelicans Rest you will wake up to brilliant sunrises over the water with the only sounds being birds singing; waterfowl looking for breakfast; or a fisherman in his boat tending the nets and traps.  Caution!  You will be mesmerized by the beauty and stillness and might lounge there for hours.  As the day progresses, walk into the calm water and search for your own clams and crabs for lunch.  If little ones are along they will be able to play in the very safe, shallow water within eye sight of your deck. 

Fishing and Duck Hunting? This is the place. There are several guides that grew up here and will offer you the best opportunity to have a successful day at very affordable rates.  And, a VERY important side benefit: while you're out "gathering" your spouse will be in comfort by the pool or fire (depending on season) and won't begrudge you the time you were away!!! And what about hunting with a camera?  Local guides will put you in their blinds once the gunning season is over and you can do pictures...and the guides can put corn out to help the chances of feathered visitors. 


If you fail in your "gathering" you might want to take a stroll to the local fish house where you can buy seafood as it comes off the fisherman’s boat.  Walk or bicycle in the other direction to the beach on Pamlico Sound and stroll the sand.


After lunch rest and wake up with a swim in the pool or bay. 


Maybe go for a little canoeing or horseback riding?  Maybe go fishing again?  For an all day venture take the ferry (2 ¼ hours) to Ocracoke, a more commercial village, or a 30 minute ferry ride to the surf of the Atlantic Ocean beaches.


As evening approaches, sit on the deck and watch the colors change as the sunset paints the water and marshes in constantly changing hues.  Watch the waterfowl gather up some bedtime food.  Wave at the watermen as they come back from a day of fishing or the shrimpers as they go out to work all night. 


After dinner stroll outside and look at the stars as you’ve never seen them before.  With no air or light pollution, they appear close enough to touch.


Yes, there are other things to do, but this will keep you occupied for awhile! 




Pelicans Rest